Mosquito Control

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Too Many Mosquitoes? Say Goodbye to Backyard Fun!

If you like grilling, gardening or spending time outdoors with friends and family, mosquitoes can easily make your experience miserable. Who has time for fun when you’re spending the entire time outdoors swatting pesky bugs?

DIY mosquito control products leave a lot to be desired.
Professional mosquito treatments provide real results!

Retail insect control products often don’t pack the power needed to noticeably reduce the insect population in your backyard. Professional services are growing in popularity as treatments become increasingly effective. When it comes to dealing with annoying insects in your backyard, our system can’t be beat. Here’s why:

  • State of the art application method thoroughly coats the underside of leaves where they rest  
  • Our treatment creates a barrier around your property, making it the last place mosquitoes will want to visit
  • Unlike DIY mosquito control, our treatments cover a large area
  • Dries within one hour, so you can get back to enjoying your property
  • With each treatment, the chance of re-occurrence is reduced
  • Also effective against flies, ticks, and fleas 
  • Insect growth regulator breaks the lifecycle and halts its breeding process

With Our Help, You Can be Part of the Solution

If you’re truly tired of worrying about mosquitoes every time you go outside, it’s important to take some important steps towards reducing their population on your property. Our professional treatments are highly-effective at controlling mosquito populations, but these easy tips will help to keep them out:

  • If you have a pond on your property, stock it with mosquito and larvae-eating fish, like guppies, goldfish, or mosquitofish.
  • Clean your gutters frequently to prevent clogs that lead to standing water.
  • Avoid over-watering your lawn; mosquitoes love moist environments!
  • If you have a swimming pool, clean and chlorinate it frequently.
  • Store any lawn furniture that may collect water in the garage when it’s not in use.

Why Choose Us to Kick Your Mosquitoes Out?

We are licensed, insured, bonded, and prepared for any pest situation you can throw at us. We do what we do because we take great pride in our work and pride ourselves on our amazing reviews. Our techniques and technology are top of the line, and we are constantly bettering our education with continued training. Our experienced technicians are all highly trained in the field, with over 60+ years combined experience. We promise quality service to each customer, and will always go above and beyond our customers’ expectations. Our unrivaled customer service puts us light years ahead of our competitors- there’s simply no comparison!

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