Commercial Pest Control and Animal Removal Solutions in Citrus Heights, CA and Surrounding Areas

Commercial Pest Control & Animal Removal Citrus Heights CA | Parish - commercial-buildingKeep Your Commercial Building Free and Clear of Critters

Cleanliness is just good business! The better you keep your company’s premises free of pests and rodents, the stronger your reputation will be among customers, workers, and suppliers. While there are many factors that go into keeping your business clean, pest control is a crucial first step. Once your building is free of termites, rodents, and roaches you can keep it free and clear with regularly scheduled treatments.

Parish Termite & Pest Management, Inc. provides comprehensive rodent and insect removal services for local businesses in the Sacramento area and beyond. With over 65 years of combined experience in both commercial and residential pest control, we can protect every manner of property against even the most intractable infestations.

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Comprehensive Inspections and Effective Pest Control Solutions From Sacramento County's Leading Exterminator

Whether you’ve confirmed the presence of serious pests, or simply want to check your building proactively, Parish Termite & Pest Management is happy to inspect your property. We will inspect all appropriate areas of the building, looking for the telltale signs of insect or rodent invasion. The moment we find evidence of an infestation, we will determine which pest or pests are responsible and how best to get rid of them.

For many infestations, a single visit is enough to render your business free of pests. We will provide this one-time service quickly and affordably. Once your building is treated, we will give you advice for preventing a future infestation.

Whether due to the extent of the infestation or the location of your business, one treatment is sometimes not sufficient to gain satisfactory control. When this is the case, we are happy to provide monthly or bi-monthly visits, treating your property of every type of pest on a regular basis. No matter how persistent local insects and rodents are in their invasions, we will be even more persistent in driving them back.

Serving a Wide Range of Businesses

Parish Termite & Pest Management has experience with every variety of business and shows all companies the same high level of respect and care.

Our pest and Termite control services are particularly valuable for:

Property Managers

If you manage a commercial or residential building, we will keep the property owners and tenants free from termites, rodents, and other pests. Not only does this protect the value of your properties, but it makes it easier to find businesses and families to lease to!

Food Services

Restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, and other food-related businesses cannot afford to be associated with rats and roaches. We control all these pests, upholding your reputation for offering clean food in a sanitary environment.

Commercial Developers

If you develop properties to rent to other business offices, any reputation you have will quickly spread to your tenants. It is thus critical to remove any pests that could harm your image.

The Parish team provides general pest control as well as specific services aimed at ants, roaches, termites, rodents and more. For more information on protecting your business, contact us at (916) 722-5000 today.